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Applied Design College-Preparatory Program


Thank you for your interest in the Applied Design College-Preparatory Program at Gulf Shores High School!

Entrance Requirements

Program Progression

The Applied Design College-Preparatory Program is: 

  • A four-year educational program in which all courses are infused with sustainability-focused design thinking and rigorous and engaging hands-on experiences. 
  • A learning model that promotes community, cohesion, and a culture of excellence. 
  • An authentic and transformative learning environment that encourages students to maximize their potential by engaging in meaningful project-based learning experiences, independent study, Advanced Placement courses, and internship opportunities. 
  • A focused curriculum in sustainability-based STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) with elective offerings designed to provide a strong educational foundation that will prepare students for success in a variety of career paths. 

Student applicants should be prepared for a challenging, rigorous, and extremely rewarding high school experience that includes a capstone project and presentation. Students in the Applied Design College-Preparatory Program will attend a summer orientation and complete summer assignments and community service. Students will be offered regular field experiences, guest lecturers, and special events to explore and connect with the curriculum, community, and potential career fields. Students will also be offered personalized guidance via college and career exploration. Students will receive instruction from teachers who have been trained in AP and sustainability-based STEAM practices and will instruct them in the corresponding classes. 

Application Process

Teacher Recommendation Form(Please download 3 copies)