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Program Progression

Freshman Courses:

Honors English 9
Honors Biology
Honors Geometry
AP World History
Spanish 1
Design Thinking


Sophomore Courses:

Honors English 10
Honors Chemistry
Honors Algebra II/Trig
AP European History
Spanish 2
AP Computer Science Principles


Junior Courses:

AP English Language and Composition
AP Biology or AP Chemistry
AP US History
Elective Choice*
STEAM Seminar with Capstone Project

Senior Courses:

AP English Literature and Composition
AP Physics or AP Biology or AP
Environmental Science
AP Stats or AP Calculus
AP Government and Honors Economics
Elective Choice*
Designing for the Gulf Coast


*Elective Courses:

Choices: Anatomy, Honors Ecology, Honors Aquascience, Marine Biology, Honors
Gulf Coast Ecology, Art, Theatre, Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism, Music Technology,
Environmental Management, Horticulture, Psychology, Spanish 3 or 4 (additional electives
available—see Course Catalog)