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Student Government Association


Club Description:
If you really want to be involved in your high school community and plan important events like dances, pep rallies, etc, consider running for student government (also known as student council in some schools). As a freshman, you’ll probably be in charge of planning and executing events related to your class, giving you some great project management experience and allowing you to become very connected with your fellow classmates.

Gulf Shores High School Student Government Association is an organization of the Students, for the Students, and by the Students. SGA is headed by a group of officers but is an open organization for all students to be a part of. SGA serves as a link between the administration and the student body. They work for betterment of students in the hopes of providing the best possible high school experience for their peers.

Sponsor: Owen Corcoran
Eligibility: All Students
Season: All Year
Meetings: First Thursday of every month during first Focus